A newly formed luxury brand management and distribution company called Apex Luxury has taken on the UK distribution rights for Swiss watch brand Louis Erard.

The distributor has been founded by brothers Daniel and Richard McNutt, with Daniel having spent six years at LVMH (five at Zenith and one at Tag Heuer).

The brothers have taken on Louis Erard as they believe that the quality and value for money of the brand mean that it has a great chance of success over here in the UK market.

"I discovered Louis Erard as a watch buyer, purchasing two models that I still own," remembers Daniel. "I was immediately impressed by the quality of the watches and the accessible price point. I have always believed the brand would be perfect for the UK market, offering a highly commercial range of product."

The brand itself is far from brand new, having been established in 1931, and it has seen significant growth throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia in the last few years.

From a consumer point of view Louis Erard represents traditional Swiss made quality with a more exclusive feel than perhaps some of the more mainstream brands. The brand has shown significant growth throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia so now is the perfect time to introduce the brand to the UK.

Apex Luxury clearly feels that this is a brand whose time in the UK is now. "‘Louis Erard UK’ is one of the top suggested search terms on Google relating to the brand; people are searching for retailers!" remarked Daniel.

Louise Erard's products range focuses on mechanical watches, with calibres from ETA and SOPROD. Prices range from £400 for the lower-end quartz collection to £10,000 for the top 18ct gold offering. In general its focus is the £500-£2,000 price point.